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Topic: Logic 8 / Chaos Designer Automation

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    Logic 8 / Chaos Designer Automation

    I'm trying to get a workflow down with stylus RMX in logic 8 and having some problems

    --> when I press "play" on stylus RMX, it only goes in sync with the logic play head about 25% of the time. I have to stop and re-start it repeatedly to get it to synch with logic. Usually it's a few beats out.

    --> the chaos designer apparently will not write info like "reverse" hits using midi capture, so I'm trying to use midi learn and automation

    --> midi learn will work for a few minutes nicely, and then stop working and I have to re-assign it
    --> midi learn "show all" crashes logic every time I try it

    ...so I've given up on midi learn, and now just trying to write automation using the mouse and midi "touch". But this isn't working for me either

    --> when I try to use midi "touch" to write chaos designer automation, it doesn't work. It seems to write a bunch of junk automation data instead to the channel for exmple "PT2Level"

    thanks for any help with this

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    Re: Logic 8 / Chaos Designer Automation


    #1 - to get RMX to sync up by the Bar, rather that the Beat - Change Trigger Mode (very bottom right corner of any RMX page - its a drop down menu) to Next Bar.

    #2 - To Automate RMX parameters other than on the Mixer Page, you will need to Assign midi CC#'s to parameters in RMX. This is RMX Midi Learn, not Logics midi assignment. That may have been where ya detoured.

    Spectrasonics has some great how-to videos on just this feature (midi learn).
    I'll use the Chaos Designer as an example - Open up RMX & have your midi-controller ready. Open Chaos page for RMX. Choose Midi Learn (very bottom right corner - icon looks like a 3.5" disk icon). Choose Midi Learn -> Learn Control.
    Press Chaos on/off button with your mouse
    Press a button or knob on your midi controller (lets say its button CC#77- it could be any CC# (except 7 or 10 as those are hard assigned in Logic to channel volume and pan).
    RMX Midi Learn should have assigned that control (pot, fader, knob, button, etc) to the Chaos on/off on RMX. It should toggle on/off with your midi controller now.

    After you have done this for all the parameters on RMX that you wish to automate-
    Save this as an RMX Template - Midi Learn->Save Template.
    When you load RMX, load this template so your automation will work.

    In Logic - You will need to use Region Based Automation. Track based automation can only automate the Mixer page - this is hardwired into RMX.
    Open up the Piano Editor - below the notes is another window (shows velocity info by default) - this is Hyperdraw.
    In the Hyperdraw area (which shows velocity info by default), open the parameter window (little down arrow on left side of Hyperdraw). Now Choose Other.
    The Hyper Editor CC list window will open. Choose CC#77. Draw in some automation to your hearts content.

    This will send the midi CC (CC#77 in this eg) info to RMX in this Region. If RMX has a template loaded (as we did before), CC#77 will control Chaos on/off.

    At any time after RMX Midi Learn (and saving you template for future use), you can put Logic into Record and move your midi- controller to write your midi data to your RMX Region. Sometimes drawing is too stale and smooth - a little human touch in automation goes a long way to adding interest and oumph!

    Hope this helped a bit.

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