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Topic: 16-bit vs 24-bit

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    16-bit vs 24-bit

    Just getting my hands wet with the "Standard" version and wanted to ask, particularly for those of you with powerful computers and excellent monitoring chains, how significant an improvement is the 24-bit over the 16?

    And how convincing is the "player" position?


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    Re: 16-bit vs 24-bit

    No one with a quality playback chain has compared 16-bit to 24-bit?

    I'd love to hear how they compare...

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    Re: 16-bit vs 24-bit

    I have not done an A/B comparison, but my experience is that there will not be a noticeable difference.

    I use 44.1 16 bit lots of times.
    The player position is nice.

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    Re: 16-bit vs 24-bit

    kb, in an earlier thread Jeff Hurchala of the Garritan Steinway development team posted: To me 16 vs 24 is a bit overstated anyway for sample libraries, but it does have some audio benefit and it's kind of expected even if as I say, overstated. All the samples [in t Garritan Steinway] are normalized for 16 bit (and 24 bit) which increases effective resolution at 16 bit. There's maybe no free lunch in cd recordings, but there is in the sample world. It's kind of cool. Effectively 16 bit samples, if for example a particular sample has 24 db headroom as recorded (which would be about the case with mf or p samples) it gets an additional 4 bits of free data packed in due to normalization, making it effectively 20 bits. Since 24 bit is only really maybe 22 bit due to ADC resolution (21 true bits plus I'll throw in sort of a noise dither bit), this is fairly close. Of course the free lunch all depends on how much headroom is in the recorded sample. Really quiet sample get a lot of freebie bits, and really loud samples get very little. If you want to be sure of best effective bit depth, 24 bits is the way to go of course. But 16 bit isn't too far off a lot of the time.


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    Question Re: 16-bit vs 24-bit

    HI Also on this 16bit 24bit topic, I just purchased the Pro Ver. ? can I down load to the same computer, preferable the same drive! (Mac Pro 3 G Hz. with 4 built in drives) the 16bit and the 24bit, or do I have to pick one or the other. Like Reason is one or the other.
    Thanks JJ

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    Re: 16-bit vs 24-bit

    Hi JJ,

    Welcome to the board. The professional version comes with both 16-bit and 24-bit versions, and you can install and load both on the same machine. There's no download of the product though. It ships on a set of DVDs.


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    Re: 16-bit vs 24-bit

    jjay meant he can install both on the same computer.
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    Re: 16-bit vs 24-bit

    If you want to apply a VST effect on the sample - does it help to have it be 24 bit? I would think so.

    Anyway, I am using the 24bit samples and have a lot of tracks running at 96k or 88k with no problem.

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    Smile Re: 16-bit vs 24-bit

    Thanks for the info! I am using the 24bit samples now, and sounds good! Based upon your input I will also add the 16bit samples to the drive. They will be nice to have for when I am limited to using 16bit as needed. I definitely prefer the 24bit over the 16bit. Thank you all again for taking some time out and helping me.

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