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Topic: best audio demos?

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    best audio demos?

    this seems to be the most realistic audio demos of GPO that I've heard so far:


    does anyone agree?

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    Re: best audio demos?

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, Roberto is very talented.

    I can think of many demos that are at least on par with his too...

    Take Care,

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    Re: best audio demos?

    thanks matt!
    but which one you are referring to? the opening page, a new angel in the sky?

    GPO is great! and you can get the best out of it!!!

    thanks again and congratulations for your new piano!
    that sounds great.


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    Re: best audio demos?

    I've got to agree wholeheartedly on this. I just listened to "Africa - The Earth's Heaven" and it's beautiful. Masterfully recorded as well.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: best audio demos?

    thanks steve!!!


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    Re: best audio demos?

    Thanks for bringing this up, Matt.

    Roberto is one of our most profoundly gifted members,
    and it is always a great pleasure to revisit his wonderful



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