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Topic: Current state of microtunability?

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    Current state of microtunability?


    my internet searches turn up older information so I cannot tell if the latest
    Garritan products are microtunable (via script in the new Kontakt player I would assume).



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    Re: Current state of microtunability?

    I have the Garritan Authorized Steinway in the new ARIA player, and microtunability is indeed supported (though I haven't really done anything with it yet).

    All other Garritan products are being repackaged in the new ARIA player, so I assume microtuning will be available once that's done.
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    Re: Current state of microtunability?

    Thanks! Now I have more info for searching and I see that Garritan is moving to the ARIA engine. Will the ARIA engine allow editing in external editors and will there be an ARIA modular sampler? I can understand and respect copy protection issues but tweakability is essential to the way I work.



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