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Topic: Loading the garritan refil in Sibelius 5

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    Loading the garritan refil in Sibelius 5

    Can someone tell a tip to load the garritan refil in the Sibelius 5? I mean, to have the Garritan sounds playing in my scores in the Sibelius 5, what I have to do. I bought the Sibelius 5 and the garritan refil recently, but I am having problems in playing the music inside the Sibelius with the garritan's.
    I realized inside the Sibelius has already an item " Garritan" , but how can I activate it? Or the Refil?
    I appreciate any help.

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    Re: Loading the garritan refil in Sibelius 5

    I don't think you can. My understanding is that Reason uses a proprietary format. If you want use GPO in Sib 5, you buy the regular GPO not the Reason version.

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    Re: Loading the garritan refil in Sibelius 5

    Hi, codonauta

    Craig is correct - The Reason re-fill is only for Reason, because it needs a special format. In Sibelius, the Sound Essentials has a lot of Garritan instruments, and you can also use the full GPO in it, for instance - but not the Reason set. Sorry you misunderstood.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Loading the garritan refil in Sibelius 5

    Yes, I am understanding that now. The Garritan reason refil doesn't work inside musical notation softwares ( as Sibelius, finale, encore ); but I can use the Refill timbres to play in my keyboard midi.
    And comparing the quality of the timbres
    between Reason and the garritan instruments inside the Sibelius 5, are they equivalent, or one is better than the other? And comparing to the sibelius essencial sounds? ( because the Sibelius 5 has its own timbres, the "sibelius essencial sounds" ).

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