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Topic: strings in GPO?

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    strings in GPO?


    I am new to GPO and just beginning to explore its possibilities. For instance, I would like to use it for composing chamber music, string quartets or trios. One thing that has started to bother me is that the quality of the sounds seem to be, well, different. For instance, I tried to construct a trio with cello, violin and viola (I chose KS for each instrument). The cello is marvellous, the violin is OK, but the viola honestly sounds artificial. Or am I only imagining things? Since I am no expert on these matters, I would like to know whether someone has thought the same.

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    Re: strings in GPO?


    as an orientation look here:

    This is what I was able to pull off the GPO solo strings and a standard reverb. If your sound is worse than that you must hone your craft (rendering skills).

    If your result is already better but you still need more then there are the following possibilities:

    - Better mixing and better reverb (Altiverb, SIR etc.)
    - Different libraries
    - Recording with real instruments

    All that will cost money and time though. A quite intelligent option especially for solo strings would be to skip the first two items, that means use GPO for the writing and have the finished composition recorded by professional string players. That would be the most direct way to the best possible end result IMO.

    All your strings belong to me!

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