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Topic: Reccomendation for digital piano

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    Reccomendation for digital piano

    Ok so I'm looking to purchase a new keyboard for myself, as my last one sucks (not even velocity sensitive). So I'm trying to figure out what to buy. ·Must be a full keyboard (88 keys)
    ·Must be MIDI combatable
    ·Would like weighted action (like an actual piano)
    ·Must have a good piano voice.
    ·Additional instrument voices would be very nice, I don’t need like 500

    ·Must be able to use a sustain pedal.
    ·An expression pedal, or just an open pedal would be nice.

    ·The Middle Pedal (Sustenuto) is required, which causes me a lot of trouble.

    ·Must have a modulation wheel or a wheel that can be assigned to modulation

    • Built in speakers would be a major plus

    And last I want to keep it under 600$ dollars. So maybe you guys could give me some reccomendation, or should I wait until I can afford a better one?

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    Re: Reccomendation for digital piano

    I think you're going to be looking in the 2nd hand price range with what you can afford.

    It sounds like what you're looking for is an all-in-one clavinover or something like this. Yamaha do some nice electric pianos, as do Roland, and yamaha have some with the sostenuto pedal. Go to your local dealer and have a play, choose the one you want and look for it 2nd hand on ebay is my advice.

    This is the easiest option.


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    Re: Reccomendation for digital piano

    Your wanting a sostenuto pedal and speakers makes me think that you'd prefer a "home" digital - pedals built into the cabinet.

    The built-in speakers will be too small for good reproduction of the bass register, so please mentally include a set of the best headphones which are within budget. 'Phones are also useful for silent playing/practicing.

    Used Calvinovas, such as the one mentioned in the post above are, IMO, a good purchase in the used markets. Their actions tend to be reliable.

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