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Topic: Can anyone suggest?

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    Can anyone suggest?

    Anyone has an idea which piano is the best to buy? I want a durable and most specially a really good sounding piano.

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    Re: Can anyone suggest?

    Using the word durable sounds like you want a real Piano?

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    Re: Can anyone suggest?


    In an earlier post titled "BDMO,GS,QLP,Ivory,Pianoteq,Galaxy vs recording artist perfomance/tone" there is an accurate comparison between all the main sampled piano libraries have a listen - this should help clarify the sonic differences between them.

    The link to the demos is http://www.proaudiovault.com/bdmo-comparison.htm

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound/ProAudioVault

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    Re: Can anyone suggest?

    I think it sounds like Marcuz29 is looking for a real piano.

    Marcuz, if you are looking for a real one, go out to your local piano dealer and try them out You will need to decide what price range / type etc. upright, baby grand, or a grand. All pianos go out of tune when you move them, if thats what you mean by durable. Some more than others.

    However, you might also want to consider second hand. We sold my great aunt's baby grand (against my wishes), and it was over 80 years old, and sounded beautiful.


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    Re: Can anyone suggest?

    You will get many ideas from many of them.But you r question is not clear .Because you dint mentioned the up to what range/price your looking and do u want to buy new one or old one let me know clearly.

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    Re: Can anyone suggest?

    I can help answer this but first you have to help me.

    Unfortunately I've run out of storage space so I've decided to whittle my music collection down to one CD.

    Could you tell me what the best CD is?



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    Re: Can anyone suggest?

    I'd recommend a 9 ft Steinway. To be on the safeside, I'd say go for a new one. You should be able to pick one up for under $20k or so?

    A Bosendorfer would also be a good choice. That might be harder to find since I heard they're not making them any more. I think they go for under $50k or so. It might be a few more bucks to have it shipped from Austria or Germany or wherever it is that they are made.

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    Re: Can anyone suggest?

    Quote Originally Posted by elcabong View Post
    I'd recommend a 9 ft Steinway. To be on the safeside, I'd say go for a new one. You should be able to pick one up for under $20k or so?
    You're off by a factor of ten

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    Re: Can anyone suggest?

    I think used piano is the best because they are all ready tuned to play.. with good sound.

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    Re: Can anyone suggest?

    Quote Originally Posted by Reegs View Post
    You're off by a factor of ten
    Actually it is more like a factor of five.

    All kidding aside, although I've been out of the business for about a quarter century, In addition to Steinway, there are several other manufacturers that are making excellent instruments these days. They include Mason & Hamlin, Estonia, Petrov, and Kawai. The Yamahas are well built but I just don't like the sound. Even some of the Korean & Chinese pianos are a lot better than the crap that Aeolian was putting out in the seventies.

    BTW, I wouldn't bother with a verticle these days. With the availibility of some of the better digitals and virtuals, why put up with the maintenance and tuning issues? With a better grand, the action and sound make it worth it but verticles go the other direction IMO.


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