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Topic: Two macs and omnisphere

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    Two macs and omnisphere

    Hello all!

    I use a Dualcore Macpro and a Dual core Macbookpro. I would like to run Omnisphere on the laptop(with DP 6.01 as host) and then trigger that from the macpro(also running DP 6.01). MAC OS 10.5.5 on both.Hardware interface is the Apogee Ensemble. I have a MOTU Midi Timepiece AV which I use for my hardware racks and my Fatar Midi controller. That goes via USB to the Macpro tower. How do I get MIDI(beat clocks) to the laptop. I know that I will be using a IAC bus. Any help is appreciated.



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    Re: Two macs and omnisphere

    Just send MIDI clock down the correct port from the host.

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    Re: Two macs and omnisphere

    Thanks Eric!
    What cable or cables connects the laptop and the tower to make this work?

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