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Topic: Try this impulse on QLB french horns

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    Try this impulse on QLB french horns

    Try this out if you have a convolver like Acoustic Mirror or Cool Edit Pro, possibly even Altiverb....tho I dont know how it exactly works.

    I\'m not sure how well it works across the board yet. I just put it together and its my first attempt at impulse generating.

    I did try to mimic the big sound Thomas J is getting without a big Reverb Decay so you can add it in later.

    Let me know what you think. I\'m going to try playing wiht it and let you know what I find.

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    Re: Try this impulse on QLB french horns

    hmmm played with it a little more. A little muddy and boomy. Maybe I should have put the longer decay in

    Anyhow. It benefits alot from compression. dont put too fast of an attack on it, and not too high of a ratio.

    You may want to fool with the delay times and maybe mix some of the original Horns back in. Originally I was hoping for using this as a \"wet only\" impulse, but not so sure anymore.

    I\'m gonna hit the drawing board again and try some other ideas for impulses Anyhow. anybody else want to try this kind of stuff?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Try this impulse on QLB french horns

    How about the Cakewalk-FX3 Soundstage?
    I think that you had mentioned it before? http://www.thedirectxfiles.com/features/audiofx3/afx3.htm

    Final example:
    Before SoundStage spatial simulation: http://www.thedirectxfiles.com/features/audiofx3/samples/original.mp3
    After SoundStage spatial simulation: http://www.thedirectxfiles.com/features/audiofx3/samples/finalmix.mp3

    As for me, the sound quality is about same as Acoustic-Mirror, in addition, it can be processed at realtime like DirectX-compatible host application. Of course, it works well in Cakewalk/Sonar as multiple FX-Plugin. http://www.thedirectxfiles.com/features/audiofx3/afx4.htm

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    Re: Try this impulse on QLB french horns

    I\'m looking into getting SoundStage soon. I\'m going to use it in combination with Acoustic Mirror and other verbs.

    The thing about the impulse I put up is that its also laden with some of the EQ tweaks I\'ve been doing with Horns.

    With Impulses I\'m able to share a simple file that anyone can use on their own music. thats what I like about Impulses

    Really...I am an Idiot

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