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Topic: New piece for beginning band

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    New piece for beginning band

    Here is a brand new piece for beginning band, with no title yet (any help on this appreciated).


    Feel free to give me your comments.

    Realized with Garritan COMB and some percussion from GPO.
    The purpose was to give some solos to the percussion players.

    Music available from me (self-published) for those who want to play it with their bands.

    Written in Finale 2008, and then in Sonar 7 PE.
    I'm not very good at the moment in mixing, hope it is listenable ...

    Windows XP. P4.
    Full GPO and CoMB.
    Finale 2008 and Sonar 7 PE.

    Mostly writing music for concert Band.
    Publishing his own work.

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    Re: New piece for beginning band

    Hi Alex,
    A good, appropriate piece for young bands.
    It might be a bit long, but that could be helped with 1 or 2 extended
    percussion ensemble sections.

    The length could be a result of the playback. It may have started over...

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    Re: New piece for beginning band

    This does seem rather lengthy for beginning band, however, it does have a very simple skill level. My uncle teaches beginning band, and he is having me commission a fanfare. t's very difficult to do, because there's so much I want to do, that I know would be impossible for a beginning ensemble to play. So I am considering two versions of the same song. One for beginning band, and one for advanced ensemble.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

    My demos:

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