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Topic: OT: seeking help with recording girl actor

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    OT: seeking help with recording girl actor

    Hi all,

    I started a small personal project, a 4-5 minute short movie / horror demoreel. I use punch of still images and do all the sound design and music composition. I upload the movie in my website for a demostration of my composer/audio skills.

    Now I would need your help. I need a 6-12 year-old girl who speaks with American or English accent. I need recordings of only two to three lines plus additional stuff like humming a simple song.

    Requirements are that you got a good or at least decent low-noice recording space and a good condenser microphone. Girl doesn't have to be a professional actor of course but I would like to hear a slow paced and maybe a bit shy voiced performance.

    This is a personal project so the budget is zero :P I cannot give a full compensation for this but fee is negotiable...

    If you think that you got less than half an hour for this and are able to record a child, please contact me and I tell you more with details: tapani@adamantiumstudios.com

    Best Regards,
    Tapani Siirtola
    Passion for Sound

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    Re: OT: seeking help with recording girl actor

    I posted a preview video so you can see what I'm doing here:

    http://www.adamantiumstudios.com/TS_horrorReel.avi [File is 60Mb, DivX]

    This is still a work in progress, but you can see the big picture here. I would need couple lines of dialog in the beginning.

    All comments regarding the sound design and music are very welcome too. I'm planning to record solo violin, viola and cello later on for the "main theme".

    P.S Don't watch this if you don't want to be scared or don't like horror films in general
    Passion for Sound

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