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Topic: Small emotional ensamble

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    Small emotional ensamble

    This is my first one with the Garritan Lib using full strings and a frenchie.

    download: http://ifile.it/2hlovip

    I am really impressed by GPO's capabilities even in this simplicity.

    Does anyone use Garritan Ambience for more realistic concerto-sound? I find it awesome that they give this plugin out for free on their website! I didn't use it here though.

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    Re: Small emotional ensamble

    Hey Rocky!

    Welcome! Haven't seen you here before.

    Very soothing work here Rocky. I think you use the strings well but may want to look into using articulations. Maybe a bit more "attack" on the strings?

    As your work progresses: a very sombre mood appears; peaceful in a sad way perhaps? The brass melody worked well and should be expanded.

    Great start Rocky!

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    Re: Small emotional ensamble

    You have the beginning to something pretty nice. Think more as if each note is being played by an instrument or section and not as a neat keyboard sound. This will give it more realism and you can start to bring it to life.

    Thanks for posting and have fun with it.


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    Re: Small emotional ensamble

    Welcome aboard, Rocky!

    Off to a fine start with this... especially as you move
    to the latter part. Take this further, of course!


    David Sosnowski

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