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Topic: RA v Ethno World

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    RA v Ethno World

    I'm working on a project and need a good library of Indian instruments.
    String, wind, and percussion. I'm may buy Voices of Passion for
    a bit of vocal bits as well.
    I have ethno, which I've used successfully for other things, but
    it's not cutting it for this piece. What is the verdict on RA vs.
    Ethno World 4, particularly with Indian instrumentation. I see RA is no
    longer being made - did it's library get folded into Goliath, or
    is release of a new version of Ra imminent?

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    Re: RA v Ethno World

    ...and this:


    I have no experience with RA and Ethno World.

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    Re: RA v Ethno World

    RA Kompakt version is no longer being sold because there is a Play version due out very soon.
    I use both Ethno World 4 and RA and they complement each other extremely well, so one cannot easily choose between them. Instrument lists are available for Ethno World 4 so have a look and see if you think it might meet your needs. You shouldn't have to wait much longer for RA Play to be released either.
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