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Topic: Omnisphere - Problem with Midi-Learn & Automation

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    Omnisphere - Problem with Midi-Learn & Automation

    Hi everyone,

    I think that I just encountered a problem when using MIDI-learn and automation
    at the same time. I took a patch from the library, did MIDI-learn on filter-cutoff
    and enabled automation (in Cubase 4.52).

    When changing the controller on my external keyboard filter-cutoff worked as
    expected. But when I tried to record those changes using the automation,
    no events were recorded. When I changed the value of the cutoff-knob
    with the mouse, the automation-events were recorded.

    Could it be that I can't use external MIDI-control & automation at the same time?

    Best regards,

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    Re: Omnisphere - Problem with Midi-Learn & Automation

    That's correct. Recording automation is for the purpose of recording gestures from the GUI. If you've midi learned the control, there's no need to record the movements of your midi controller as automation data. You can simply record the midi.

    - Glenn

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