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Topic: I'm Still Here

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    I'm Still Here

    I'm trying to get back into listening and posting.

    I've had to learn how to use Sibelius by importing a midi file which meant starting all over again using the metronome and quantize. Whew!

    Plus I have a lot of seasonal choral music to lean, some of which is difficult.

    And something else going on that has kept me up late emailing.

    When it rains it pours!


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    Re: I'm Still Here

    HEY it's Fastlane Phil! - Great to hear from you. I've been ridiculously busy also, making my Forum visits far too spotty. Recently I've managed to get back on here most days, and it sure feels better!

    I went through a learning curve with Sibelius also, starting some time after I met you at the opening of my show, "Dorian."

    I was needing to import MIDI files also, and those can be quite a mess to fix up in notation - But that's what I had to do when I was hired to arrange music for a show opening early '09 in L.A.

    Not sure what you mean when you say you had to start from scratch, use a metronome etc. You did a whole new recording to work from? - I admit it's a lot, but raw MIDI files can end up looking fine in Sib - after a lot of hours of editing. Of course the best start is to have the MIDI files quantized as much as possible Before you import into Sib.

    Hey Phil - stand by - I'm bursting with news about "Dorian"---will be able to release the info in the next few days. The Forum will get the news the same time the press release goes out.

    Randy B.

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    Thumbs up Re: I'm Still Here

    Great to see you here again, Phil! And great to see it raining.


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