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Topic: Does GPO come with Overture SE?

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    Does GPO come with Overture SE?


    Many resellers of GPO quote in their website that GPO comes with Overture SE.
    But in the official Garritan website, I could not find the confirmation of that statement.

    There is a FAQ at http://www.garritan.com/FAQ.html that says:

    Q. What comes with Personal Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band and Concert & Marching Band?

    A: 1 DVD-ROM including: High-quality orchestral samples, the Native Instruments Kontakt sample player. A hard copy manual is also included.

    But there is no mention of Overture.
    So my question is: does the latest version of GPO really come with a fully functional notation program like Overture?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Does GPO come with Overture SE?

    Hi elastic,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum.

    Overture 3SE used to come with GPO (the first printing), however it does not come with GPO any more.

    Hope that helps,


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    Re: Does GPO come with Overture SE?

    When I purchased GPO in 2006, it still came with Overture SE and Cubase LE. It made for a nice package, those two programs plus the instrument library.

    But businesses change, decisions are made - impossible to know exactly what happened, but both Cubase and Overture are no longer with GPO, as Reegs said.

    Since you've seen ads from sellers who say GPO has Overture, I think it's very possible they have old stock which indeed is the older package deal - We're only talking about a couple of years, and I've purchased factory sealed programs from dealers which are Much older than that.

    I do have to say that I tried this light version of Overture, and wasn't overly thrilled with it. It was OK, I did a few things with it, but was frustrated by its limitations. Cubase LE used to come with Everything you buy - some products still include it - and it was also no more than OK. Far too limited, especially in the number of VSTs it could handle, and how many busses you could insert in the mixer.

    But, light versions of programs sometimes fit some people's needs just fine, so I'm not sure if they'd be good for you or not.

    Investigate--ask a store to really look at their GPO stock and see if it's the older boxed version with Overture--That would be when GPO was still on 4 CDs instead of a DVD.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Does GPO come with Overture SE?

    Thank you. Your answers clarify the situation.

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