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Topic: Reverb suggestions

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    Reverb suggestions

    I need to get a serious reverb for orchestral mockups. I've been holding out for MIR, but it doesn't look like being any time soon. At the moment I use the free version of SIR, but it's power hungry, and there are very few good free impulses around.

    I'm looking at Altiverb, and just wondered how happy people here have been with it, or if anyone has alternative suggestions.

    Obviously I'll need to process instruments at several distances, so I either need a reverb which can run sevral instances, or can have multiple streams going through the one instance, without costing too much processing, since I also run some of my samples on the same machine. Is there a reverb which allows the use of a low-fi mode whilst in real time?

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    Re: Reverb suggestions

    Numerical Sound has released three reverberation impulse products Pure Space - Classical and Mystical Reverberation Impulses, Pure Space - Film and Sacred Places and Hollywood Impulse Responses. Recently the Hollywood Impulse Response was reviewed. The link to the review can be found at


    Audio demos can be heard at


    Sound On Sound reviewed the Pure Space series the link to the product review is http://www.numericalsound.com/pure-s...lm-review.html

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound/ProAudioVault

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    Re: Reverb suggestions

    I have had SIR, Pristine Space, ConvoBoy.

    Today I use Altiverb every day, depending on the project with it's own spaces, Peter Roos' samplicity L96 and Ernest's Hollywood Impulses. Most times I take two out of the three.

    Actually SIR2 might be something to look into more detailed some day. HZ is said to use an own license of some of their technology (I don't mean a software license but a core technology license).
    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Reverb suggestions

    +1 for Altiverb.

    Haven't found the need to get any extra impulses, yet...

    Good luck
    We are the musikmakers, we are the dreamers of dreams.
    -Willy Wonka

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    Re: Reverb suggestions

    OT: Hey Tommy! Email me. I lost your contact due to an office PC restore.

    Thanks NS!
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Reverb suggestions

    You might be interested in Soniccore's XITE-1 and the 5.1 Reverb.
    Distance in a recording can be achieved using native IR apps, but when you spoke of Lo-Fi I think you are referring to a mock up where different sample rates and bit depth can be used to further enhance the distance more realistically. 5.1 has that kind of flexibility. 32bit Integer recording also enhances that further.
    The furthest instument using lower fidelity and more depth ( AUX amount ). The closer instruments scaled accordingly.
    It's exactly what I will be doing when this unit arrives using SISS, and VSL.
    Each instance can be edited precisely, but the source material should be recorded @ 96k to allow the extra headroom to pull this off.
    I will post my results when the unit arrives.
    Funny thing, I will be doing vocal work where the lead vocal will be Lo-Fi and the background vocals will scale up in terms of fidelity too. An experimental recording I heard of this from my Nuendo pal was astounding.
    Far from Orchestral, but amazing none the less.

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    Re: Reverb suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by scope4live View Post
    when you spoke of Lo-Fi I think you are referring to a mock up where different sample rates and bit depth can be used to further enhance the distance more realistically.
    Really I was just wondering if there was a reverb which would run at a lower bit rate whilst in real time, and then substitute a higher bit rate for rendering. But your post sounds really interesting. I'll go have a look.

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    Re: Reverb suggestions

    SIR2 is a nice package. One thing i like about it a lot is the copy protection scheme. Buy it, get your key, and your free for life! You can install it on as many computer or as many times as you want... Just so long as they are you computers.

    Christian has been very responsive to email as well.

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