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Topic: Virtual instruments RAM handling

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    Virtual instruments RAM handling

    An Apple article on EXS24 says:

    "One of the changes to the EXS24 in Logic Pro/Express 8 is in the way it handles RAM. In previous versions, the EXS24 shared memory space with Logic, meaning that the total maximum RAM footprint for Logic and all instances of the EXS was a bit less than 4 GB. In Logic Pro/Express 8, the EXS24 addresses its own memory space. This means that EXS24 instances can use as much RAM as is available on the computer."

    Why i.e. Spectrasonics plugs don't follow the same working philosopy?
    This would cause many advantages for users who have large RAM on their computers (logic itself can address only 2.7 Gig + 3.9 VM)

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    Re: Virtual instruments RAM handling

    As far as I am aware this is something that involves coding on the part of the VST host. The VSTi would need to run in its own process and still communicate the host, which I imagine requires modifications to the host program. If this was something that could be done to any VSTi I think we would have seen it by now from at least one other company, but it has not happened yet.

    (side note: I am working on specialized software that WILL allow you to convert any VSTi into one that runs in its own process... it's a big undertaking though)
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    Re: Virtual instruments RAM handling

    But I'm using AudiUnits versions of them. Is it the same?

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    Re: Virtual instruments RAM handling

    Vienna Ensemble uses memory outside of the sequencer, and my template in XP64 is around 14GB, so it is possible to work this way.

    However, for cross-platform apps it is not possible to do it the same way as the EXS player, so until the final bit of the OSX puzzle is released, there are unlikely to be 64bit audio applications that are cross-platform, and run as plugins on OSX.


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    Re: Virtual instruments RAM handling

    The EXS24 is not an Audio Unit plug-in, it's actually part of the Logic Audio code, so Apple is able to do some very useful tricks like that which are not available to plug-in developers.

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    Re: Virtual instruments RAM handling

    I see. But then I wonder, on the other hand, if it would be possible to increase Logic RAM handling....

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    Re: Virtual instruments RAM handling

    Thats totally up to Apple. As soon as they make OSX and Logic fully 64 bit compatible you can use as much RAM for any given application as your Mac can handle.
    I bought 10 GB for my Macpro and learned the hard way-hope i will be able to make full use of it before i buy the next computer.......


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    Re: Virtual instruments RAM handling

    Yeah. I have 10 GB too, and I hope to use them extensively ASAP, before next computer, as you state..

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