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Topic: New member, first Steinway post

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    New member, first Steinway post

    Dear forum members,

    My name is Jan Frans; I live in The Hague in The Netherlands. Over the past few months I have listened to many of the wonderful Steinway demos posted on this forum and have been immensely impressed by them. John Grant's Brahms intermezzo, Bigears' 'Steinway goes clubbing' and David Sosnowski's recent improvisations spring to mind, and I've also heard some wonderful Mozart and Gershwin. Too many names to mention!

    Yesterday I finally took the leap and bought the Garritan Steinway myself. It's simply fantastic. It sounds gorgeous, with extraordinary realism, and is immensely playable. The highlight is perhaps the sympathetic resonance; finally a sampled piano plugin that makes a chord sound like a chord, rather than a set of separate samples that don't interact. (It's odd that so many software piano manufacturers still don't seem to understand that sympathetic resonance also occurs when the sustain pedal is not activated.)

    Immediately after installation I recorded a piano piece I wrote a few years back, entitled 'Wintersweet'. It's officially a jazz piece (although it doesn't really swing), and the final section is improvised.

    You can listen to it at: http://www.box.net/shared/qh5uuo5yhn.

    I hope you'll like it. Thanks once again for all the great music; I hope I'll get to talk to some of you soon.

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    Re: New member, first Steinway post

    Hello Jan,

    Welcome to this forum and to our Listening Room!

    And what a fine and lovely piece you brought here for us to hear!

    I enjoyed it very much. I like such a style with elements of jazz mixed with others creating interesting harmonies.

    The improvisational part is also interesting and I liked especially the finishing bars.

    Thanks for posting and I hope that we will hear from you many more compositions!


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    Re: New member, first Steinway post

    This is very nice, Mr. Jan!

    Great chordal progressions. Great chords, as a matter of fact!

    The piano sounds wonderful...very realistic.

    Welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing more of your fine music.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: New member, first Steinway post

    This was splendid. I really enjoyed it.
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    Re: New member, first Steinway post


    Welcome to the Forum.

    A very melancholy jazz endeavor. Very nice, smooth
    progresssions and well-balanced chords.

    The Steinway sounds really good. I'm glad you made the
    decision to purchase it. I can tell that you are astonished
    by its reality and beauty.

    Please submit more piano works. Very entertaining...

    BRAVO, Jan

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    Re: New member, first Steinway post


    What a fluid and elegant piece! with a delicate touch and exquisite phrasing. The piano sound is very real.

    I really enjoyed this.


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    Re: New member, first Steinway post

    Hi, welcome to the forum. Excellent progressions and feeling, is a very pleasant and calmed jazz theme. I like the surprising end too with the use of this harmonies and dynamics.


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    Re: New member, first Steinway post

    Such an exquisite piece. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It took me back to my boyhood days when I would sit in our living room listening to my sister practice her Debussy and Scrabin pieces as the autumn sun shone through the windows. Those were indeed wonderful days and I thank you for the trip into my memories.

    You also play very well with great touch and feeling.
    Dayton, Kentucky
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    Re: New member, first Steinway post

    Many thanks to everyone for your kind words; I'm glad my first Garritan Steinway attempt has been well received. I hope to post more work soon.

    Meanwhile I've greatly enjoyed listening to new material by David Sosnowski and Mr Keyboard. Nice forum!

    All best,
    Jan Frans

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    Re: New member, first Steinway post

    Welcome Jan,

    This is one gorgeous piece!! I have to reiterate what you said to me, Yes!, this was a great way to wake up to on a Sunday morning, albeit, a later Sunday morning than yours.

    Your chord progressions are beautifully created here. Very clear, strong, powerful chords, but at the same time relaxing. I especially like the last half of the piece....almost like a jazzy Eric Satie feel to it. Very nice.

    Yeah , isn't this piano great. For those of us that don't have a 9 foot grand to play on, this is the next best thing.

    Please post more!!


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