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Topic: MIDIs over LANs...

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    MIDIs over LANs...

    Hello NorthernSounds community, might I borrow some of your time & expertise?

    I'm currently working on a project for University, I'm investigating the issues regarding recording & using MIDIs over LANs and subsequently, the best methods of tackling them. I'm at the research phase at the moment and was wondering if you could help me, can anybody offer some insight as to what the main problems of working over a network are?

    So far, the emerging issues seem to be: latency, jitter & signal degradation (over long distances, not so much over short)...is this about accurate? Are there others? Can anybody elaborate on these for me?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Edit: Posted a carbon copy of this thread on CakeWalk too.

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    Re: MIDIs over LANs...

    Hello -

    How about checking the web site of the makers for the of the program "MidiOverLan CP3" which does exactly what you're talking about? Their web-site can be found here: Music Lab . This web site has a bulletin board dedicated for the users of their programs including the MidiOverLan. People have shared their troubles with this program on this web site.

    As for me, I have this program to work between three computers: 1 MacPro (tower version), 1 MacBook Pro and 1 aging Dell workstation. The "MidiOverLan CP 3" works just fine despite the use of two different operating systems (the Apple's Mac Os X and Microsoft's XP Pro). My main sequencer is Logic Pro 8.02 on the MacPro. I use an 8 port switch by NETGEAR to "connect" all of the computers together. Overall, the setup works just fine for me.

    Good luck with your research.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: MIDIs over LANs...

    Hey thanks! I'll check that out.

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    Re: MIDIs over LANs...

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesJames View Post
    Hey thanks! I'll check that out.
    You should check out FX Teleport as well.

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    Re: MIDIs over LANs...

    You know from the lack of complaints here that the programs work in a LAN environment. Across campus may be another story. Neither IPMidi nor MidiOverLan uses TCP/IP and neither is supposed to work across the internet. MidiOverLan id's computer's by name and IPMidi via IP address.

    I'd start out with some ping tests, at random times during the day, just to characterize the delay between the computers.

    Then I would meet with the IT department to see whether the software will work in the campus network environment. At that point you can also discuss how to get the fastest possible connection. Since we are talking about a college IT department I suspect they are used to handling special requests.

    I would also "just go for it" and install the demo versions of the softwares, just to see what you are up against. If you install the demo software you'll have concrete issues so it should be easier for the IT department to help you.


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