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Topic: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)

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    Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)

    Hi everyone. I´ve came back again. This is the first time i share a work that is not mine, is one of the pieces i performed when i obtained my pianist degree, one of the impresionistic works that i always have loved. It was very hard to play it in a keyboard, i suffered a lot, because is very demanding and in a real piano is easier due to many factors (the distance between me and the keyboard, the height of the bench, the weight of the mechanism, etc).



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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)

    Dear Mr Keyboard,

    I really enjoyed that; thanks for posting. Fantastic piece and some very serious piano-playing...

    I'm also once again astonished how convincing the Garritan Steinway sounds. May I ask what settings you used?

    There seems to be a slight audio hiccup during the final chord; it might be the cheap sound card on my internet PC but perhaps it's worth checking this.

    All best,
    Jan Frans

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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)

    Hi Jan, thanks for your comments. I didn´t use a special setting, i only played it using the Stage perspective. About the audio hiccup, it was my audio card.


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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)

    Bravo Victor!

    I love this piece and you did a great job there - especially on an electric keyboard- must've murdered your hands!
    Thanks for posting this!

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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)


    Bravo..great job with this piece!!!! I too played it in college many moons ago, and it remains probably my favorite impressionistic piano piece. So many nuances to explore; I don't think I ever played it the same way twice.

    At any rate, thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. ...you can just see and feel that water fly'n..can't yeah?


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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)


    I'm really astounded at your expert playing on the keyboard!!

    For me too, playing on a keyboard is so different from playing on a real piano... So I can understand your agony while recording it.

    I love this piece of Ravel (as many of his others) and you have finely expressed all the playful sounds that water can do.

    Looking forward to your next piece, yours or by another...


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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)

    Thanks Gregory, Cass and Yudit. I have to recognize that playing in a keyboard (is a weighted keys one) means an adittional control in virtuosistic works. I´ve noted that. But another factor is that my keyborad is placed in a uncomfortable position, and doesn´t give to me ease of movement that is determinant in a comfortable playing in this kind of works. But finally i could!.


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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)


    Very well performed. Impressionism is so great and can
    mimic almost anything human or otherwise.

    Your performance certainly proves that you understand
    the music of Ravel and its virtuosic intracacies.

    Very enjoyable, Victor


    Jack Cannon--MacBook Pro (2015, 13") GPO4/5, JABB3, Auth. STEINWAY, YAMAHA CFX, Gofriller CELLO, Stradivari VIOLIN, COMB2, WORLD, HARPS, PIPE ORGANS, FINALE 25.5, DORICO 1.2.10, Mac Pro 2.66 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, DP 9.51, MOTU Traveler, MOTU Micro Express, MacBook Pro (2012, 13") 2.2 Ghz CPU, 8 GB RAM.

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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)

    Jack, thanks for your kind words. The first time i heard this piece (i had 11 maybe) i knew someday i´d play it. I always have felt a great identification with impressionism. And the first time i played it in those concert grand Steinways that gives you all this range of subtles colors and sonorities i felt i touched the sky with my hands!!.


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    Re: Ravel - Jeux d'eau (Garritan Steinway)

    Victor -

    Well played! I believe that you were using Garritan's Steinway program? Yes? No? If so, I've heard only a few examples/demos of this product. Your performance of this piece makes whatever program you used come alive! It's amazing to me the quality of computer-based instrumental libraries made now-a-days.

    I LOVE this style of music. I wish I was more familiar with the composer's works. I very much enjoyed listening to this piece; it is just wonderful music to hear. And your playing is very impressive.

    Thank you for sharing great music through your very talented performance.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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