first of all i really like Omnisphere. But today i discovered a strange bug
that almost gave me a heart attack!!

i use a macbook pro, cubase 4.5.2 and an apogee duet on my travel setup.
i stored the sound bank of omnisphere on an external firewire 800 harddrive.

i loaded a song into cubase that uses 1 instance of omnisphere.
but i forgot to plug in the external harddrive.

the result was an unbelievable strange and loud sound comming out of
my macbook speakers!! we talk about LOUD!!
i was working with headphones (AKG k701) which are kind of hard to drive
real hot without a dedicated headphone amp. my luck! don't know what
would have happened if i would have worked with another pair like the k-240 which can be driven really hot with the agogee ..

anyway - i think omnisphere is really freaking out when not finding my
external harddrive. after pluging in the drive and restarting everything all
worked great!!

so .... never forget to plug your drive in ...