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Topic: OT Guitar FX pedals

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    OT Guitar FX pedals

    My teenage nephew has just started taking lessons on the electric guitar. I am thinking about getting an effects pedal ("stomp box") for one of his Christmas gifts. I used to have multi-effects rack unit for my keyboards (before I started getting involved with computers and sampling). It cost a fortune and had every effect under the sun (chorus, flanger, reverb, etc.). I gave it to my niece when she got her first electric guitar, so I am sort of starting from scratch with my nephew and basically wondering what professional guitarists would consider the most useful effect for a novice player.

    If this helps, he is typically playing solo or with one other guitarist (a friend, who -- although she is not much older than him -- has been studying for years and is all ready giving lessons at a music store.) I can only remember the names of two groups that he said he likes Yellow Card and Blink (something or other). I have no idea what they sound like. But, I imagine at some point he will be interested in playing their songs and if there is an effect pedal that they use a lot, I think he would appreciate that one the most.


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    Re: OT Guitar FX pedals

    I have a KORG AX1500, all manner of effects Amps, Cabinets, Reverb, Echo, the lot. It wasn't incredibly expensive currently 140 GBP but even single effects are 50 GBP odd.

    Its very robust I must say.
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    Re: OT Guitar FX pedals

    I bought this some time ago, tons of effects in one box and can be had about £65 if you shop around.

    Digitech RP-90

    • 12 Amp Models, 8 Cabinet Models - 32 Effect models including stompboxes
    • 100 Presets + Tone/FX Libraries
    • Chromatic Tuner - 40 Pattern Drum Machine


    Won't stand much abuse on the road but for home / studio use it's excellent value for money.

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    Re: OT Guitar FX pedals

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen View Post
    I played with a young guitarist awhile ago who used a Zoom multi-effects unit. He had great technique, but his sound seemed --- fake. He always asked me how I got my guitar tone.

    I told him "A great guitar, a great tube amp, and a guitar cable to link the two."

    The guy was astonished that it was so simple!

    Totally agree Ern.

    A great guitar, a great tube amp = big bucks

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    Re: OT Guitar FX pedals


    If he likes Blink 182 then Tom Delonge (guitarist) uses a pretty dry unaffected sound. See http://members.fortunecity.com/tomdelonge/amps.html for more info.

    He might be happy with something from the SansAmp line. I think the tone can be decent and a fair amount of variety. For example I 've heard decent sounds from the Tri AC. See http://www.guitarcenter.com/Tech-21-...ELAID=92163119
    Not at all unusual to see these go for around $100 on Ebay lately.

    I agree with Ern's assessment though, but as mentioned, takes money to go that route. I've known a couple of guitarists who came up on one of the Tech21 products.

    Best of luck in your search.


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