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Topic: My new video: Alchemy of the worlds

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    My new video: Alchemy of the worlds

    This summer i recorded a piece ("Alchemy of the worlds", you can also listen to it on myspace) in which i played more than 14 instruments. Now i finally succeeded in making the video of this song, and you can take a look here:


    I am very proud of both the song and the video

    This is the Instruments that appeares in the video:
    Electric guitar (Hamer Slammer Archtop)
    Classical guitar
    Erhu (chinese violin)
    Dizi (chinese flute)
    Pan Flute
    Fujarka (Slovak flute)
    Piano (samples from Garritan Personal Orchestra)
    Bass guitar
    Acoustic guitar
    Valiha (Madascar typical instrument)
    Sitar (from india)
    12 strings guitar
    Electric guitar (Yamaha Pacifica)

    While the following instruments were also used for the recording:

    Drying clothes rack
    Tibetan bell
    Korg 01RW
    Yamaha TG77
    Creamware Minimax and B2003
    Rayzoon Jamstix (drum parts)

    The mix was powered by a Creamware / Sonic Core Scope system and the recording was done in Sonar 6.

    please share the link to the world! ;-)

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    Re: My new video: Alchemy of the worlds

    A very nice video, but the music is more appealing to me. It has a nice mood and so much emotion. Way to go
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: My new video: Alchemy of the worlds

    Those are amazing soundcards and a fine display of talent too.
    Please sample the Erhu into the STS5000 sampler on those cards and sell or share it.

    Lavoro Eccellente, Bravo.

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