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Topic: transfer of ownership of Garritan Jazz

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    transfer of ownership of Garritan Jazz

    Hello, all-

    I have just sold my copy of Garritan Jazz on internet auction and wish to facilitate the transfer of ownership to the buyer in order that he have a fully legal and functional copy.

    Is there a set procedure for accomplishing this?

    The buyer is knowledgeable (I am not - in fact, I've never managed to get the product to work properly on my system) and has suggested that he may require a system id, serial number, and authorization key. Does this sound correct and where would I find/obtain these?

    Thanks in advance for any help and sorry if this question has been asked before (I did search before asking).


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    Re: transfer of ownership of Garritan Jazz

    The buyer will need the Serial Number to be able to authorize and you will have to contact NI to relinquish your registration (the SN is presently linked to your account). Maybe you will have to contact Garritan as well - I'm not sure.

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