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Topic: Hybrid strings go epic

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    Hybrid strings go epic


    this is an epic track written and produced by Allan D. Brown.


    He is 16.5 years old and uses EWQLSO silver. He asked me whether I could record some violin tracks for him and I decided to help for free in this case. The first reason is that he wasn't too shy to ask which shows that he fully realized that some help for his strings would make his music better. I cannot say how much I respect this.

    The second reason is that I think he has a serious melodic and dramatic talent and I am looking forward to hear more from him.

    I added three live violin sections, simply added up to the existing mix:


    Violins layer only:

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Hybrid strings go epic

    For my own learning experience I took Allan's original stems and remixed them trying to add more spacial imaging, working out the lines and tuning the whole piece. Tell me whether I succeeded:

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Hybrid strings go epic

    Hi Hannes,

    Very nice, and I seem to hear the improvement in the second version. He does have talent and it is good to encourage young people. Perhaps I was just more used to the piece the second time, but it did seem to have additional clarity and space. My only problem is that I do not like such heavy drum parts, but that is probably just my taste for concert hall over film style music. It is all very well done.


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    Re: Hybrid strings go epic


    I'm Allan D.Brown (i'm known as dariusofwest everywhere else)

    Thanks for posting this Hannes.

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    Cool Re: Hybrid strings go epic

    Hi fellow Ohioan

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    Re: Hybrid strings go epic

    Hello Hannes and Allan,

    This track sound very good. Allan, I like what you have done in this track, it sounds very good. Allan, for you age, you have done some really inspiring stuff.

    Hannes, though I didn't listen to the track without your live mixing, but I can feel how the real strings mixed with sampled orchestra can make huge difference. Thanks for posting some good music


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