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Topic: Sound card for purely software use

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    Sound card for purely software use

    I'm getting another system and for this one, I have no need for audio recording. Music made on this machine will ALL be done internally using sample libraries and VSTs (mainly Kontakt libraries and Omnisphere) - no sound controller connectivity either. What kind of soundcard should I get considering the use of this machine? I guess it all comes down to the asio drivers? Should I just go with something like Echo's MiaMidi? http://echoaudio.com/Products/PCI/MiaMIDI/index.php


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    Re: Sound card for purely software use

    So you need a soundcard with best DA`s.

    The soundcard for you is only to transform the digital audio into analog..., for your ears... .

    There are many great soundcards on the market now with only 2 ins and outs.
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    Re: Sound card for purely software use

    I guess I'll let out my shameful secret - I never really researched much before when buying a soundcard. I've mainly just gotten by buying something that was in the price range of what I was looking for and had decent reviews. For this purchase, I'm deciding to dig deeper. What exactly sets them apart (aside from some coming with effects that specifically utilize the card)? I guess I've never really familiarized myself with some of the specs.

    Is there a good guide online somewhere for this?

    Oh, and what's 'DA' stand for?

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    Re: Sound card for purely software use

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogles View Post
    Oh, and what's 'DA' stand for?
    Digital-to-Analog converter.

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