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Topic: moving GAS to 2d HDD

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    moving GAS to 2d HDD


    I have Pro Version Garritan Steinway loaded on my main drive and have had some issues with strange noises or distortions while playing. I think it must have to do with the release samples because it never happens when i load the lite versions of the perspectives. But.... I like the way the release samples sound!

    So i've put a 2d hard drive on my PC and want to move GAS sample files/folders over to the 2d drive. My question to those more experienced in these matters is this...... will this likely help resolve the problem?....and....is the best way of accomplishing this task to just use the Sample Manager to move the files over, or would it be smarter to uninstall the whole program and reinstall utilizing the 2d drive for the sample folders? I'm concerned that I will screw something up with the sample manager in telling it to look in a new location. but maybe its pretty simple.....

    Any quick thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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    Re: moving GAS to 2d HDD

    Based on my limited experience I really believe that samples should never be put on the physical hard drive that contains the system (c: ) drive. Windows just can't keep it's hands in it's pockets so you always have some disk activity going on that gets in the way of the disk streaming. You have two choices 1) spend your life trying to analyze Windows 2) move the samples to another drive and let Windows pfutz away. BTW, second drive does not mean a slave drive. If you're talking PATA I would make it a master drive. If it's USB or SATA that's obviously not an issue.

    Again, in my limited experience, if you move the samples the program will come up with an error to the effect of "Ok, where'd you hide 'em?" and a directory select dialog box. Just browse to the sample directory and all is forgiven .


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    Re: moving GAS to 2d HDD

    Agreed on the C topic.
    However, when I was using Gigastudio 4 and hosting K2 / GVI based apps simultaneously, I would span my content so that Large Brass and String content would be easier stacked when using muliple drives.
    This allowed me to access the custom made stacks and KSWitches w/o any problems.

    C/ Apps. + O.S.
    D/GVI based apps
    E/ K2
    F/ Gigastudio content & IR's.

    Using a single 150GB Raptor to stream a stack of large strings, SISS & VSL. was the culprit.
    Using 3 x different HDD's and spanning the content fixed everything.
    The newer HDD's w/ 16 & 32MB's of cache shouldn't have a problem.

    I would love to try that Piano but now when I ask about the " update " that will include the advertised sostenuto pedal that somehow never made to the first release, I get stonewlled. I suppose they are too busy with all of the other bugs to fix that one. Shouldn't have to pay for a BETA.

    Maybe it will work by the time NAMM '09 comes to town.

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    Re: moving GAS to 2d HDD

    JimmyV, i think you put your post on the wrong thread because i don't have a clue what you are talking about. But that could just be me....... pretend you are speaking to a child and it will help.

    Ernie- I have a 7200 Sata 2d HDD, not a slave, so i think i have what i need. i definitely am sold on the idea of moving the samples to the 2d drive, so you are preaching to the choir. from your 2d paragraph i take it you would just use the sample manager to move the files and wouldn't go through the effort to uninstall/ reinstall....

    thanks for responding!

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