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Topic: GPO with Sibelius 3

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    GPO with Sibelius 3

    I am interested to purchase the Garritan Personal Orchestra having already Sibelius 3.
    Info said GPO is Sibelius 5 "enabled". What about Sib 3? It does what I need so I do not plan to upgrade to Sib 5.
    I found a couple of info's: James Humberstone; Sib user guide for Sib 3 in GPO. It is of 2005.
    Also Paul David Bergel: Tutorial getting GPO to work with Sib. Are they still valid? Also I have PT Pro Audio 10. How would this work with GPO?
    Why is a somewhat complicated procedure necessary between Sib 3 and GPO? Wouldn't Sib create a MIDI file and GPO could load and play it? Also could GPO convert the Sib created MIDI file into a WAV or MP3 file with GPO's superior sound?
    These questions are for starters, rest comes after I purchase the GPO.

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    Re: GPO with Sibelius 3

    Started a new thread in Forum: Tips, Techniques & Tutorials titled: Creating Violin Solo.... Jon, you might be interested to look at it. I described my aims and previous experience.

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