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Topic: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!

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    Unhappy Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!


    Yep! Upstate New York (near Albany, NY) is getting quite the blanket of snow fall right now! It's too freakin' early for winter!!! Half of the leaves aren't even down from the trees yet!!

    I'm not ready for winter!!!

    So. . . . . how's the weather in your town???

    (Oh my aching back from all that soon-to-be snow shoveling. . . . )

    Here's to warmer, sunny days. . .

    Sigh. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!

    We've had snow here in England today as well - not only way too early, but the town where I live is normally last to see it, so goodness knows what the Pennines were like.

    And yesterday areas of Cumbria were flooded, and were told that the flooding might well freeze solid today. Somehow we've gone from Summer (such as it is here) to Winter in a couple of days.

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    Re: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!

    They're talking about frost here tonight, we seldom get one even in Jan/Feb.

    Whatever happened to global warming - its perishing.
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    Re: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!

    It's a beautiful 92 degrees and sunny here in Chandler, Arizona. Hmm...now I remember why I moved from Michigan!


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    Re: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!

    They're talking about snow here in Boston maybe tonight and tomorow morning, but it hasn't actually fallen yet (at least not that I've seen). Right now its supposed to be about 50, but I haven't been outside recently to know. This morning it was raining pretty hard.

    Back home (I'm at college now) it snowed last night.

    I agree that october is too early for snow. Back home in Chicago it doesn't usually start snowing till closer to thanksgiving.


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    Re: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!

    I hate how they predict snow and we get none here. They called for 4 inches last night, but there was none. Then they were calling for 3 inches tonight, but that's been downgraded to rain with snow accumulation less than an inch. Meteorologists like to taunt us secondary school students that want a closing or delay. Ah well, the snow has to come sometime.
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    Re: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!

    Cold here in Kentucky as well . . . but . . . no snow. They're calling for 28° here tonight. Where did the summer go? And we had next to no autumn at all. Tree leaves went from green to on the ground.
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    Re: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!

    Albany NY weather update. . . . more snow. In the Catskills, from several inches to up to a foot. Where I live, right next to the Berkshires, 4 to 6 inches.

    It is interesting to read everyone's weather, by the way. For those experiencing snow as well, misery does like company! LOL! For those experiencing pleasantly warm and sunny weather: Enjoy the good weather. (. . . and, may the fleas of a thousand camels find refuge in your underwear.)

    Looking forward to summer. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Very OT - ARRRRGH! It's Snowing Outside!!


    I'm still wearing T-shirts! T-shirts! Going to everywhere with my bicycle and sweating like a swein of some sort! Sun glasses and even some sun lotion for the kids!

    And I'm flying to Seattle on Friday, only to be met with some lovely rain, and a bit of cold! AT LAST!


    I honestly hate too much heat, hate too much "nice" weather and love the rain, the fog, and snow even more!

    As I said


    PS. I'm in Greece, no matter what my profile says! And the above is NOT sarcastic, not the least!

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