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Topic: chris hein horns 2

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    chris hein horns 2

    looking with interest at this new product ...hows this thing compare with Broadway Big Band...certainly impressed with the demos....thnks

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    Re: chris hein horns 2

    "Apples and Oranges"

    Well the first HUGE difference is the price! CHH vol. 2 is 1/10 the price of BBB.

    Secondly, CHH vol. 2 is made for Kontakt, where BBB uses a Halion 3 interface. Some say that the Halion interface is troublesome.

    Third, CHH vol. 2 is a horns only library (very well represented, minus the soprano sax), where BBB has sampled horns, bass, drums as well as clarinets and a few others.

    If you just need a "horn section" then CHH vol 2. is pretty much the best option, right now. If you want an entire big band complete with rhythm section, then BBB might be what you need.

    As far as sound... use your best judgement.

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    Re: chris hein horns 2

    thanks for reply Moja... i can supply my own rhythm section TY..lol...seems this is the way to go....kontakt is a factor too...what many have been waiting for...

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