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Topic: Mach5 as Sample Host on a Mac Mini

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    Mach5 as Sample Host on a Mac Mini

    Hello everyone,

    I've set up several Mac Mini systems using Kontakt 3 (usually running as a VST within Plogue Bidule) to host samples. This has proven to be a good replacement for outdated Giga systems, but Mach5 2 seems to be an interesting option, especially because of its handling of sample formats (ability to open most sample formats without a long translation process).

    Does anyone have any experience using Mach5 as the sole sample host on a system such as a Mac Mini? Did it handle polyphony as well as Giga or Kontakt 3? Before we make the investment, we're hoping to get some feedback from Mach5 users. Many thanks for your time!

    Joe Trapanese

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