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Topic: Annual Mannual Chritmas Party?

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    Talking Annual Mannual Chritmas Party?

    So, where's the first annual Emanuel Garritan Christmas party being held this year? Where's the sign up sheet? Is this a company event or can we bring other libraries and their spouses. Are we all bringing a plate to pass because I'm out of plates to pass 'cause I passed so many plates out last year I haven't been able to replace the plates yet. Are paper plates OK?
    I understand DPDAN is bar tending for the party 'cause he mixes so well and and David’s entertaining with his one man band. What about the pies and Figgie pudding? Who's baking all them cookies that usually end up at a person’s house you don't care so much for? And, what about the fruit cake? Should we invite the bum?
    Anywherebuthere ... What do you say we rent a yaht and throw the party overboard next to the island of Orcas sound?
    Just a thought .... maybe not a nice one but a thought nevertheless.

    And speaking about a party. .... You are all invited to Styxx first annual Halloween part at Ralph's house next to Frankenstein's castle. You are all to bring your bodies (dead or alive) wrapped up in miles of white linen bandages. Which reminds me ... please leave your Uncle Salami home where he belongs. RSVP or is that RIP? Pumpkin carving at eleven. Apple dunking at six (please, no rotten apples. They squish to easily in da mout!) Star Wars costumes not allowed. Last year the aces knock down all the lamps in the livink room, darlink. And please no Chubaka! There was hair all ova!
    Hemingway, just a thought. Maybe not such a good one but a thought nevertheless.

    Oh, Ern, you can bring your buddy. We need some one for the Chair dunking spectacle.

    Oh, one more request. We need about six screeching violinist for the "Best Shower Psycho Scene" contest. Bring your own shower curtain. Last party cost me dearly replacing all the ones torn down.

    Later ... I'm going shopping for some candy to pass out. Then, I'm going to the liquor store to buy some brandy so I can pass out!

    I'm telling you ... the man's nuts....

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    Re: Annual Mannual Chritmas Party?

    Styxx, this post put a smile on my face.... HE HE HE

    what a riot you are!


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