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Topic: (Bad) funny musical comic

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    (Bad) funny musical comic

    Someone at work sent this to me...


    A little humor in times of crisis always helps, though I have to say this may be very little humor indeed
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    Re: (Bad) funny musical comic

    Ha! Made me laugh at least. I've seen other strips of that comic in which the characters get very mad at their creator for such corny humor.

    Link was broken though, needed an "html" instead of "htm": http://www.comics.com/comics/pearls/...-20081026.html
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    Re: (Bad) funny musical comic

    Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorites comics. It's always humorous how Stephen Patsis will openly poke fun at himself, even making many appearances in his own comic. Of course, Stephen usually makes fun of his drawing skills or other traits through one character named Rat. I always start the day reading a Pearls Before Swine and it always guarantees a laugh.

    Of course, my favorite comic is probably xkcd. Trying to find one on music but find it hard to (mostly programming and science jokes). However, I did find this one:


    Scarily, I can really relate to that comic.
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    Re: (Bad) funny musical comic

    Lol! I love it, even if it is kinda (Bad).

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