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Topic: A trumpetic question...

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    A trumpetic question...

    I don't even know if that's a word, but anyway..

    How hard is it (if possible) to reach the high D# on the trumpet?
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: A trumpetic question...

    Well, it's not a note in the typical high school players repertoire, but any college level or professional level player will have no trouble with that note. Different trumpets provide different ease of playing.

    Harder on a Bb trumpet a bit easier if going to the C trumpet or the D trumpet (smaller trumpets designed for the higher pitches.) Don't get me wrong, it's still not an easy note to play, but very feasible by modern day performers. Most orchestral ranges take the trumpet to concert G above the staff. Jazz trumpets take it another octave (yikes - not me).

    I hope this helps. By the way I am assuming you are stating a concert D# (Eb) which makes it an F on the Bb trumpet, an Eb (D#) on the C trumpet and a C# on the D trumpet.
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    Re: A trumpetic question...

    wrayer sums it up great. To add to his point:

    In an orchestral context, with traditional orchestration and C or Bb trumpets you will hardly ever see that note (concert e-flat). Most works I've played top out around concert B-flat (sometimes C). It is more commonly found in virtuoso works and in motion picture soundtracks than in traditional orchestral repertoire.

    For a lead trumpet in a jazz, latin, or funk setting, you see it quite often. Leaves you a little dizzy when you play a few in succession.

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    Re: A trumpetic question...

    yes, concert pitch that is thank you for your quick responses, much appreciated!
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: A trumpetic question...

    Our school big band once had a guest soloist called Derek Watkins who seemed to have quite some range above this D#.

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    Re: A trumpetic question...

    What is above is all good advice. Also consider whether your player needs to "pop" the note out or is there scalewise motion up to it? Scalewise is usually easier. I'm a trumpet player, Ebs (D#s) are in the repetoire for lead players, but some players are stronger than others.
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    Re: A trumpetic question...

    I see, good to know
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: A trumpetic question...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pingu View Post
    Our school big band once had a guest soloist called Derek Watkins who seemed to have quite some range above this D#.
    Derek is the guy who plays the iconic trumpet lead part in all the James Bond Films. I guess he would have a decent range
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