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Topic: Why is that the mellotron...

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    Why is that the mellotron...

    at times still sounds more pleasing to my ears then contemporary libraries such as GOS...im not dissing GOS...its a completely different sound...but why is it that the mellotron sounds...with all their roughness sounds at times more realistic (in a backdrop setting) and pleasant to the ear? hmm...maybe Gary could make a library with the mellotron\'s rough brilliant sound, combined with the articulations that are now available in GOS...food for thought


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    Re: Why is that the mellotron...

    There is a Melotron GIG library out there already. I know nothing of it\'s quality, however, it\'s only about $60 so not expensive to try out.


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    Re: Why is that the mellotron...

    I\'m also a huge fan of those classic sounds. I bought this sample CD before I even got Gigastudio.

    It sounds fantastic.

    I had a slight problem using the S-Converter - for some reason all of the samples were brought in an octave too high. I had to go into the editor and change each region, which was a pain in the butt, but it was worth it.

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    Re: Why is that the mellotron...

    Of course, one could also use the VSTi softsynth M-tron, if you have sequencer to host it.

    Anyone use this puppy? Curious to know how good it sounds, compared to the real thing.


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    Re: Why is that the mellotron...

    Well...in terms of mellotron samples...I would get the samples direct from mellotron.com....much more variety in samples...only wish I could get MORE mellotron samples!!!!


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    Re: Why is that the mellotron...

    I feel somewhat qualified to answer this goofy question since I used to own a Mellotron and I also use GOS, Vitous and Hunter.

    1st of all the Mellotron sounds horrible dry. It does not even begin to sound like Violins until you run it through a huge plate reverb as the Moody Blues, King Crimson, Strawbs, Genesis etc. all did. (exception to this rule: Beatles Mellotron Flutes in Strawberry Fields was fairly dry)

    2nd thing is that the Violins (and Flutes) were recorded with a HUGE amount of Vibrato.

    Now, because it is a tape based mechanism it induced a huge amount of WOW and FLUTTER into the Sound. Are you beginning to get the picture?

    And because the instrument was incredibly NOISY you would have to put it back in the mix and cut off the high end to sweeten it up.

    Also the Violins and Choirs were recorded with a certain envelope shape which of course was impossible to change. The Mellotron player would usually use a FOOT PEDAL to control the Swell!

    And last but not least there were NO LOOPS in the Tape Samples so the player would actually have to continually Re-Voice their Chord positions creating a flowing sound in the Arrangement, while waiting for the tapes to rewind back to the start position.

    Add to all this the fact that the music of this period is far more interesting than anything out there today then you have the whole picture.

    At best, to my ears the Mellotron sounds like the syrupy Violins from an ancient Sci-Fi Movie.

    If you want GOS to sound like a Mellotron you would take the ALL Violins Patch and play it at 8 bits. run it through a cheap Guitar AMP and mike it. Run it through an analog Tape Simulator, PLate Reverb,Compressor, Hook up a Volume Pedal and Smoke something weird whilst performing. Don\'t forget to grow your hair long- very important. There you have it.

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    Re: Why is that the mellotron...

    Here\'s the one I was speaking of. I know one GigaSampler user who purchased it and seemed to like it:


    String Boxes CD-ROM - Gigasampler $69.95
    Today we rely on digital samples and modern synthesizer technology for the culmination of realistic instrument sounds. But before there were microprocessors, there were string boxes. The Mellotron is one of the most well known and easily recognized early legends. It\'s signature sound has shown up on hundreds of albums from the Beatles to Beck and has spanned decades of musical changes without ever going out of style. The Arp Solina String Ensemble is a product of the late 70\'s. This keyboard has been made famous by Elton John, The Eagles, New Order, and The Cure to name few. Sonic Implants String Boxes CD-ROM contains a choice selection of sounds from the Mellotron tapes. All 8 seconds of every note is included! (Small memory versions also included.) Three different string recordings from the Mark2, the M200 and the M300 plus the Mixed Choir and of course the infamous Mellotron Flute. The Solina Arp String Ensemble was recorded and programmed to give you every sound and knob variation the instrument is capable of, including of course some of our own variations. Fantastic pads, filter sweeps, FX and leads. You won\'t find a better deal on these classic sounds.

    Go listen to the demos. Don\'t bother with the hype. I did buy a couple fo their B3 GIGs for $15 each. Quite nice.

    Take care,

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    Re: Why is that the mellotron...

    Hey Kobb...could you post something that you\'ve done with the Mike Pinder Mellotron CD...I would love to hear those samples in an actual composition...thanks


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