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Topic: Fairy Dance

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    Fairy Dance

    Okay, I posted a very early version of this a few weeks back for comments, and got a lot of useful input. I want to thank everybody who commented for their advice. I'd also like to thank Scott McCallister for being willing to take his own free time to offer detailed advice and even do some re-working with me. Thanks a lot.

    If you remember the original version, you should notice a lot of differences. Again, this is a traditional Celtic song called "Fairy Dance", and the melody line is played by a flute until we can record the the lyrics, sung by my wife's lovely alto voice. I have a demo version in which I sung the lyrics, but I really can't sing so I'm not going to post that one. (grin) The lyrics are about (surprise!) somebody who spends the night in the country and witnesses fairies dancing around their ring.

    Anyway, here's my offering, and I hope you like it. Here it is, my first composition.

    Fairy Dance

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    Re: Fairy Dance

    Hi, CV,

    I think this is an improvement from the original. I like what you've done with the winds and can't wait to hear your lady sing it.

    I have to admit I'm still longing for some rhyhmic underpinning. Also, the strings could benefit from two things - legato samples and proper voice leading. They sound like a keyboard player playing a string patch.

    If you are going for something that sounds more like live players, I would suggest moving to solo string patches. If you want something that sounds more fantastical, then maybe a different patch with a longer release. Either way, the unnatural breaks between notes is distracting.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and I can't wait to hear where it goes!

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    Re: Fairy Dance

    Overall, this is a very nicely orchestrated piece. I like the bassoon and flute interplay. I also echo raweber's sentiments. You should take a little time with the string line. What makes GPO sample library so great is the quality you can get with a little work. No need to leave the sound of the strings sounding like a synth string patch. Try separating the strings into each instruments own line. It does sound like you are using the Garritan full string sample instead of splitting the part into the individual instruments part. i.e. Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. The little extra work in entering each part as a separate line will drastically improve the quality of the string line especially if you follow part writing rules (common tones, motion, etc.).

    Other than the strings, I found the rest of the instruments to have a genuine feel to them. One point to consider on wind instruments is when to take a breath. The flute line sometimes goes a little farther than what a musical phrase normally would.

    You did a fine bit of writing on this and I appreciate having a chance to hear this piece (I don't know too many Celtic pieces).

    Thanks for sharing this with us and welcome to the community. I think you will find a lot of help here. Just ask!
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    Red face Re: Fairy Dance

    That was fun to listen to! Gave me a feeling of Hong Kong pop neo-classicism, lol!

    Perfect for a new Sid Meier computer game, like the old Colonization for example!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Fairy Dance

    This is better than the first post out, but could still use some work.

    With your wife singing and the bassoon always in parallel, the piece suffers a little. If the Bassoon could hold some notes, I think you would be better off.

    The piece also still needs some bass. If you split the strings like Rich said, that should help some there.

    You are getting there!

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    Re: Fairy Dance

    Yes, it's basically very nice. Just take the commentor's advice and you'll really have something.


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    Re: Fairy Dance

    A nice treatment of this traditional work, HK.

    From an arranger's standpoint, I think perhaps
    a little more rhythmic action in the stings and
    some foundational bass to underline progression
    might be helpful.

    Keep it coming!


    David Sosnowski

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