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Topic: interesting email

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    interesting email

    Sean and I got an interesting email today where someone was talking about the editor and had an attachment on it. After running the attachment through Norton it seems that someone was trying to give us a little trojan horse present. Therefore if you get an email talking about the editor and it has an attachment delete it and do not open it.

    Unfortunately for this person he left a very traceable trail and will be wishing he had not done this very soon. So if your that person...yeah, we\'re on to you and it won\'t be long.....

    until then.....


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    Re: interesting email

    Hehe ouch!

    Donnie please be aware the sender could be unaware of the virus in his attachment!

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    Re: interesting email

    Freakin viruses lately!!

    Man, I jsut went through hell on my laptop with that kinda crap! First time in 8 years with a virus....and it had to be a BAD ONE!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: interesting email

    It\'s the virus programmers that should be approached, but how...

    Anyway they should be banned from any computerized system for the rest of their pity lives.

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    Re: interesting email

    In my friends studio (where we do commercials) we had severe attacs and had to spend a day removing several viruses. It has gone crazy after he got ADSL.

    After that experience I have installed Norton antivirus and Norton Internet antivirus. It\'s a bit of a pain, but I have to. Fortunately I have yet to experience a virus. Almost everyday someone is trying to sneak a Trojan Horse into my system.Arrhg!



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    Re: interesting email

    Besides the virus-risk:

    If you are connected to the internet by ADSL or cable, you MUST have a firewall or a router that works as a firewall (using \"network address translation\" and by default having all TCP/IP ports closed). Most online users with a local network have a router that can or should do this.

    Statistics indicate that globally accessible IP numbers (including your system if you have cable or adsl) are scanned EVERY MINUTE on the average.

    The few moments that I exposed a webserver or FTP-server from my local network, I could see in the logfiles hacking attempts within a couple of hours!

    This may be another risk than virusses that are sent through mail, but I believe it is equally important to protect yourself and your work.

    This also applies if you dial-in, but than the risk is proportionally lower to your connection time (but still serious!). ADSL and cable user are 7x24 hours connected...

    Take care!

    And make backups (most of us are also sloppy with that, inclusing myself...)


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    Re: interesting email

    You can get a free software firewall from ZoneAlarm - it\'s very effective. Nobody should ever go onto the web (DSL) without a firewall.

    I\'d echo that the guy who \'sent\' it might not even be aware.

    You can also get free virus protection (with updates) from AVG.

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    Re: interesting email

    In addition to concealing your studio systems from the Internet, as described above, don\'t read e-mail on those systems or even surf the web from them. Ideally, you should remove those computers from the network altogether. Most network protocols are chatty (IPX/SPX and AppleTalk among the most loquacious) and therefore may affect a system\'s performance, especially if the network card and sound card share the PCI bus.

    BTW, CD-RW drives make sneaker-net a viable alternative. If you can afford it, set up an \"administrative\" machine with network access and a fast CD-RW drive. Download whatever you need for the production systems, scan the files for infection (after updating your virus scanner\'s signature file), burn the CD, and walk the disc over to the production systems. A lot of work, to be sure, but much less than having to repair a seriously infected system.


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    Re: interesting email

    I have been running zone alarm for a couple of months now, and like it. There is a web site you can go to to test your firewall ( www.grc.com ) which is where I learned about zone alarm in the first place.

    my .02,
    r a

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