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Topic: Happy Birthday Steve Wayland

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    Happy Birthday Steve Wayland

    Well, I was beginning to write a song, had the words okay. But now it needs an additional verse.

    The original verse:

    On a hill, not far away,
    My old Honda died today.
    It's ancient body, no more agile,
    Had long become quite fragile.
    The engine coolant, kelly green,
    The roadway pavement did demean.
    Out it sprayed from the pipe of exhaust,
    Until all fluid was completely lost.
    The fenders no more will fend,
    The bumpers have bumped their end.
    My dear old Honda died today,
    Come haul the damned thing away!

    Well, it has been hauled away, and a replacement will be delivered tomorrow by my son Steve, whose birthday is on Monday. His business, among other things, involves prop cars for movies and tv. When he discovered I had not yet replaced the defunct Honda, he presented me with a car from his prop division, in top notch condition, which he had thoroughly checked over for me, drive train, brakes, tires, etc, even to new wiper blades. Also, fairly new paint job.

    So it seems that for his birthday he gave his dad a great car, and so I baked a cake for him, which is why I am up a little late, waiting for the icing to set.

    Now I must either write a new song or add a verse. In either case, Happy Birthday Steve!


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    Re: Happy Birthday Steve Wayland

    what a great son!

    My son did hear my heartfelt plea,
    the car he looked upon with glee
    "'Tis here I see a great surprise
    To play upon my Dad so wise
    to make his day, his week year
    to pay him back for being near
    So now I proudly strut my stuff
    A car which shows his love enough
    To make me proud, what he's become
    My prodigy, my lovely son.

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