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Topic: GPOs french horns

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    GPOs french horns

    GPOs french horns any examples maybe only with french horns (with other instruments than brasses in tune are ok but maybe not brass). or any opnions about GPO french horns? i ask becouse i heared in miroslav philharmonik french horns are with vibrato.

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    Re: GPOs french horns

    I don't care for GPO's french horns. They seem to suffer from the same problem as the saxes in JABB. Though I am sure that a French Horn can be made to sound that way, it's not what I usually think of when I want a French Horn sound. Too much color, and not a very nice one at that. Not very useful for blending, either.

    I like the Westgate French Horns much better. If you don't need the unison ensembles, you can get just the solo horn libraries by download from Big Fish audio. There is much more variety and many more appealing articulations than I have seen in any other library.

    That is not to discourage you from buying GPO - especially if you don't have another orchestral library. Many of its woodwinds sound okay. I find the harps and the keyboards (other than the organ) very useful. The harps, in particular, are exceptional. It's also useful for ensemble building, filling in the gaps that other libraries don't do, or don't do very well. And its still a bargain for what you get.

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