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Topic: Omnisphere (?) Note Delay Setting?

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    Omnisphere (?) Note Delay Setting?

    Hey guys, I've been programing Multi's today, having a blast I might add!

    I wanted to find a way to delay the triggering of a note in one of the parts to trigger say 800ms after I the initial playing of a note on my keyboard. I did this a lot with Combi's patches on my Korg's where you could go to the track parameter section and each timbre had a delay setting 0-5000 ms to delay triggering of a part/timbres.

    Is there a setting that will do the same in Omni without using an FX slot?


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    Re: Omnisphere (?) Note Delay Setting?

    Depending on the soundsource you're using, you might get what you want by using the amp envelope to delay the onset of the sound. Otherwise, yes, just use a delay with the feedback turned down.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere (?) Note Delay Setting?

    I suppose you want to do this for live purposes...otherwise...if you're working with Cubase...use the track delay function...

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    Re: Omnisphere (?) Note Delay Setting?

    Yes, I set up an fx delay with 100% wet seems to work just as well. The reason I wanted to have this set up with in a Mutli patch is to create a pre-timed swoosh>bang Multi patch by having the bang hit a second or so after the swoosh. The fx delay works fine for this type of thing to a point. Not as precise as being able to select the exact milliseconds though.

    I would mostly likely just have the bang/boom hit on a separate track in my arrange and or use the track delay (right on Orange R F!).

    Thanks for the tips,

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    Re: Omnisphere (?) Note Delay Setting?

    Use one of the Zoom envelopes such as STEP etc. it's very powerful and the attack now just doesn't have to fade in but can delay. There's a tutorial on the video section at Spectrasonics called 'Envelopes'
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    Re: Omnisphere (?) Note Delay Setting?

    Thanks Russ, I hadn't noticed the new tutorials.

    I'm blown away by the depth of Omni! It's seems to only limited by my imagination or lack thereof.

    I need to remember the Zoom layer...... it's like deep & deeper


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