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Topic: VR Orchestral Demo

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    VR Orchestral Demo


    10 midi channels, only vrsound samples, about 400mB of Ram.

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    Re: VR Orchestral Demo

    What is vrsound and why is it or are they $4k?

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    Re: VR Orchestral Demo

    What instruments do you have in there Franz?
    Some sounds very real.

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    Re: VR Orchestral Demo

    Strings (KF layers) = all string ensembles blended into one big keyboard layer by using 4 ports on ch1
    French horn ens xfade bright, trumpets (legato and stac), harp glissandos, orchestra bells soft mallet, VR funk drums w open steel snare, pauke select, flute notes/vibrato select, oboe legato atk select.
    It\'s all in the modwheel.


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