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Topic: Two new pianos

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    Two new pianos

    I hope I'm not breaking forum rules by talking about a new piano multisample. (I'm not connected with the company releasing it, except in the sense that I ran across the demos on KVR and exchanged some posts there.) In any case, AcousticSamples has just released two new Kontakt pianos. One is a Gaveau piano close-mic sample set and the other (sounds more distant) is an old upright. Here's the link to the thread on KVR and the demo mp3's: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=231117 I like the demo for the Gaveau the most. Has nice resonance sounds in a separate group\layer. Not sympathetic resonance in the way that the term is usually used. It's more the sound the player hears of all of the strings sounding and decaying when a note is played on some grands. Listening to the demo mp3 at a fairly high volume helps me hear this more. Relatively small sample sets, these, but that extra layer of strings sounding really makes a difference. Anyone else like this?

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    Re: Two new pianos

    Nice link Jake, Thanks.
    I am replacing my Gigastudio libraries more and more these days as better developements arrive.
    The low end sounds too muddy but I believe it's from the recording or conversion.
    Surely a developer who can make the mid and high range sound so well recorded, has done so in the much easier low end samples.

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    Re: Two new pianos

    You might e-mail the developer about the bass. He's just released these, and my impression is that he'll welcome good ears and suggestions. I do like the mids and highs on the first piano. Sweet and "musical" if that doesn't sound too absurd.

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    Re: Two new pianos

    I have contacted the developer and will probably make a purchase as these are very cheap.
    6 Layers total, 3 being pedal downs is less than even my Vintaudio libs., but quite sufficient for live use on certain styles.

    I'll let you know how they work out for me, and thanks again.

    Until I actually go 64bit the 3GB switch has been a great intermediate solution. But now that I have maxxed that out smaller trade offs as far as RAM footprints go, are more than welcome.

    Besides, in my solo work where I require more dynamics I have other choices. For the late night band, the chances of me playing lovey dovey ballads or classical are slim. More like dance & drinking tunes as opposed to serenading songs, or James Bond type love scene music.

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    Re: Two new pianos

    Hi scope4live,Very good that you contacted the developer.I think you dint got sufficient and correct information from developers.

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    Re: Two new pianos

    It's the extra layer\group of all of the strings sounding that makes me like the demo of the first piano. This additional layer makes a lot of difference and I'm not sure that many libraries include it. The Holy Grail multisample had a resonance layer, but it seemed to try to have more of a low midrangy sound, as though it wanted to capture both the body resonance and the string resonance at the same time (and it used a very few samples to cover the entire keyboard range). I really like the way that newer libraries emulate sympathetic resonance, in the sense of played notes causing held notes with some of the same partials to sound, but the other sympathetic resonance--just the strings being forced to sound by any note being played, the way that the strings will sound if you hit a piano with a mallet, Fourier be damned, seems to be forgotten, now. (No pianos were hit with mallets in this post. People taking medications for high blood pressure should consult their physicians before striking their pianos with a mallet. Women who are pregnant should not strike their pianos with mallets or drop a piano on a mallet. Men whose mallets cause enharmonic vibrations lasting more than eight hours you should go to a hospital to avoid long-term consequences and pianos.)

    Actually, I'm not sure what goes on in sounding all of the other strings--the frequencies of the played note and thus the Fourier sequence, along with the tap resonances and impedance and absorption of the various parts of the piano, have to affect the amplitude of all of the other strings, but I'm not sure that I've seen any studies of what happens, let alone any libraries other than this one and the Holy Grail piano, that try to emulate the sound with a separate layer.

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    Re: Two new pianos

    I hope you are not breaking any rules.Because we have every right to share any thing here.

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    Re: Two new pianos

    Well, I was just making my intentions clear--the site owners have rules about advertising, which are natural and understandable, and I wanted to make clear that I wasn't someone from the company using this site as a billboard. In any case, the A piano samples sound good.

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