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Topic: Invisible Banjo for the Wii

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    Invisible Banjo for the Wii

    Invisible Banjo

    Wii Music: Japanese Banjo Demonstration (probably a Shamison)

    This could be bigger than "Banjo Hero"

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    Re: Invisible Banjo for the Wii

    2nd only to the new Wii fly-swater.

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    Re: Invisible Banjo for the Wii

    Speechless for once...

    Can't see me being out of a job just yet

    PS There's only one banjo hero

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    Re: Invisible Banjo for the Wii

    That game was such a disappointment....I was sort of looking forward to that game (although I dont own a wii!) just to see how Nintendo could revolutionize music games with their innovative control system. It turned out pretty pathetic really. The girl in that video could be hitting a cat with a hammer and it would still work - and perhaps be more interesting to listen to! Why is she holding the other hand up?! looks like shes giving the cameraman the finger(s)!

    You can conduct a whole orchestra in that game tho...and they totally ignore everything but tempo. Its so life-like!

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    Re: Invisible Banjo for the Wii

    Béla Fleck has no need to worry.

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    Re: Invisible Banjo for the Wii

    If you thought you were composing music by pasting Apple loops in GarageBand then you'll think this is the ultimate music maker.

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