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Topic: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

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    GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    I'm not looking for a sampler holy war here, or what format is better war. What I'd like to know is what all the GigaStudio owners skipped off to instead with TASCAM killing off GigaStudio? Also, what did you do to make your old libraries work with your new choice of sampler? Did you convert them? Did you leave them alone and use sfz+ or some other program instead? Tell me your story and observations of the sampler market now? What do you think is the dominate format now?



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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    Ummm....well. Gigastudio.

    It is not like my Giga setup stopped working all of a sudden.

    Yes I have Kontakt...and a variety of the new software samplers from companies that are putting out their own like East/West Play, etc...

    But think about this. There are dub stages in LA that are mixing major motion pictures on Pro Tools rigs running OS9 on G3 & G4 computers and an old version of Pro Tools still to this day. Why? Because it works. Solidly.

    Computer's and software don't really become obsolete until they don't meet your needs any more. And maybe the Giga option is not available for new folks who have nothing yet. Then your question is a good one for those folks. But for the folks who have already invested a bunch into Gigastudio and a small farm of Giga dedicated computers (probably running Windows XP), they should not go out and replace machines that are working fine. They should get many more years of good work out of those machines.

    I know I will.
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    Oh yes, me too. My machine works fine, it'll stay under XP, and I'll continue to use Giga for most likley years to come. I was wondering what way the market will shift though, and if anyone had already shifted, or is everyone staying pat with what they got? And certainly, what to recommend to newcomers who have nothing...


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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    First rule of owning a software sampler.............
    Why buy one, when you can have two for twice the price.
    When Tascam bought out Nemesys they dropped the ball, that caused Scarbee, Garritan and other fine developers to stop developing, and rightly so.
    I watched Kontackt and others but didn't buy them as they were unstable and had too many issues for a live performer. Over time that changed and I bought K2.
    I now use both app's and have a wider selection of content to choose from.
    GVI is where I can play my GS4 made instruments, it is a perfect playback and editing solution for custom performances. Since I have used it for 10 years I usually build my performances around already made KSwitched app's from Kontackt developers. Personally I must have both.
    I also use those " old Scope DSP cards " still too.
    It's the stability and maturity that matters for me.
    But there are so many talented & famous developers for Scope it's ridiculous. I had a live custom mixer made that acts as a Monitor/FOH board where 6 AUX's are specifically made to be used w/ 6 x sets of wireless mic/ear monitors.
    All of my dead old dogs still hunt just fine.

    But Kontackt developers continue to impress me, and will probably shove GVI out of my rig within 2 years. Just bought some marvellous sections from Chris Hein Horns Volume 2, which have replaced the Gigastudio libraires like First Call, and QL Brass. So the process is just now starting.

    If some brave soul buys Gigastudio 4 and continues developement I will use it as my host for K2 stuff, as that was a great idea, and it works. I just can't build my live rig around an app where developement has ceased. Hence Bidule, as it is a low resource host that is as stable as the sunrise.

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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    I still have some socket A boards left, Windows 2000, Tascam PCI 822., GS 2 160. THere's no product activation involved so I could use these for a long time until the hardware dies.

    I'm pissed at Tascam because I think they have closed up shop while they said it would be December.

    I have GS4 and it won't work on any system that has Kontakt.

    I think I'll write a letter to the Attorney General of the state that the US office is located. They should offer refunds to those who bought it. You'll have to stick with Vista or XP for a long time in order to use it.

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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    If I were a developer I would really be mad.
    Take Wavelore, and Sample Daddy for instance. 2 talented developers who were forced to wait until GS4 was released to release their products, then thrown under the bus.
    I never liked Tascam products to begin with, after that I know I never will.

    I also have Gigastudio 160 2.54 working like a charm w/ 3 x Scope DP cards, a Northwood 3.4EE/ Supermicro P4SCT+II. It is actually our live mixing DAW w/ Modular Synths and Flexor III patches strewn throughout the project window. It has been running 24/7 for 3 years straight making me tons of cash, and killer sounds. Since I run 2 x Lexicons via AES/EBU I/O's I never had a need for GigaPulse or IR's, still don't.

    GS 160 & Scope cards are the best investment I ever made. Actually my house was, up until it dropped from 395,000 to under 200 large earlier this summer.
    GS 160 and Scope cards in a sense paid for the property.
    TrashScam should be their name.

    Sorry to hear you still have problems w/ GS4 and K2/3. I host K2 w/ GS4 but prefer Bidule as it allows the 3GB switch. GS4 doesn't, and chokes on too many VSTi's. I will report back w/ 64bit XP very soon though. If GS4 can host and convert w/o troubles that will be a major plus. A good reason for someone to continue developement.

    But once they started doing the VSTi dance w/ Gigapulse and VST FX in GS3 that hardly worked, it was their demise IMHO. I watched a friend damn near destroy my DAW making GS3 choke on his Sonalksiss plugs. They sound really good but those dogs eat CPU's for a snack.

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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    Have been mentioned some times, the "LinuxSampler" software. I have used it, in windows and linux, and is very nice -i only have some free .gig files-. It`s more experimental than any other thing, you cant use it like a VSTi and it dont have render option in the standalone mode. But they promise it will in the future.
    Just good to know, i believe.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    I'll be runnin' GS3 for years to come. Love it. Totally stable and I've got tons of sounds for it.

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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    I work w/ a drummer occasionally who uses pads w/ triggers on a real nice Dual Bass Sonar rig and a Roland MV8000 that gets mixed out to GS3 Orch and a Scope Pro card. The DAW is what many consider to be " old " as it is an ancient Supermicro w/ a PIII 1.4GHz Tualatin !!! Since he doesn't use use GPulse and prefers hardware effects routed into Scope he claims upgrading isn't necessary. Someday he will buy new parts as that box is going to burn out anyday now.
    But using Larry Seyers Acoustic Drums and the MV for electronic kit sounds, it is the best sounding drums live I have heard.

    Just as a bit of advice, if you just use GS3 as a sample playback device, you are missing out on it's incredible power.
    Check out the Learngigastudio DVD's by Larry Seyer & DG.

    Does anyone know if Kontackt has something similar to this? I seem to learn better w/ video being played back w/ audio. But Larry and Dave's monotone voices caused me to add a spalsh of a Lexicon tiled floor preset to pique my interest.
    I would love a Kontackt " Babe " w/ a sexy voice and some walking around the studio in tight jeans or something.
    Just like the babes and synths DVD about learning Modular synthesis.

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    Re: GigaStudio now gone, now what?

    To those of you who run GigaStudio, a little encouragement:

    Shortly after I invested in Logic Audio Gold back in 2002, Apple took over Emagic, the company producing Logic, and made it Mac only. As I am on PC and had no plans on switching, I was stuck with version 5.5.1 of Logic - permanently. Man, was I pissed off! (and many others too). But here's the thing: If it wasn't for the 1 GB memory limit of that program, I would still be using it. It worked just fine. Actually it turned out to be a relief that I no longer had to deal with updates.

    Bottom line: You don't always need the latest software to make music.

    I hope your GigaStudio software incl. your libraries will bring you lots of happy hours making music in the future also.

    Best regards,

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