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Topic: First Fingered Groove uploaded!

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    First Fingered Groove uploaded!


    I have just uploaded the first Fingered Bass Groove to the Bass factory at www.scarbee.com

    Style: Pop, Disco, Dance, R&B, Funk.

    A funky, dancing bass line - this kind of bass is very hip right now on many dance hits!

    Important note: The Fingered Groove 01 - dominant, require 2 midi-tracks of your GigaStudio/Sampler.


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    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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    Re: First Fingered Groove uploaded!

    Each groove is an 8 bar variation in all 12 keys E-D# + an extra E - second postion and comes in 3 versions:

    . Minor - can be used with: Emin, Emin7, Emin9, etc.
    . Dominant - can be used with: E7, E9, E11, etc.
    . Major - can be used with: Emaj7, Emaj9, etc.

    . A single Bass Groove Factory download consists of 39 MIDI-files - 3 x 13 keys - 312 bars!!
    . An MP3 version of the groove to use as quick audition.

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    Re: First Fingered Groove uploaded!

    Woah! Sounds like you\'ve busted your a** off on this one!

    Users of the library OUGHT to be satisfied!

    At least I know where to turn if the future calls for a realistic midi bass!

    Danske piger er sgu\' ikke no særlig
    Hehe jeg bare tøver!

    Thomas (er sgu\' et smukt navn, ik\'?

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    Re: First Fingered Groove uploaded!

    Thansk Thomas!

    Well - after 5 weeks of PC install hell it was fun doing some music instead, though my Logic acts a bit strange these days...

    Doing these midi-grooves is a nice interrupt to the sampling.



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    Re: First Fingered Groove uploaded!

    I will upload Finger Groove 02 today or tomorrow. This groove compliments Groove 01.

    I\'ll keep you informed...

    PS. The 104 tempo is NO limit - you can change the tempo to 60 or 150 if you like...


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