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Topic: Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!

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    Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!


    I have been trying to follow the book discription on loading the program Ominisphere on an external disk.

    It begins and then freezes and does not continue to load.

    Anyone know the secret?

    I'm using

    Mac PC Duel 2 Gig Processor
    running 10.4.11
    4 Gigs internal memory
    logic Studio 8
    External - Lacie 500 Gig Firewire 800

    No reason this shoud not work I have other drives with Vienna / Ivory Piano with no problems!

    Please help if you know thwe answer I'm stuck and cannot move until Monday when Spectasonics opens and I can call for help!

    thank you Mark

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    Re: Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!

    Hi..If you mean that the progress bar seems to freeze..This is the way it loads...It may LOOK as if there is no progress..But just let it go..This is also stated in the video on your install discs as well as the printed install manual..JON

    Keep in mind each disc can take up to 45 min.s to load..Unless you have waited well after this and stil nada..Then that is another problem..

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    Re: Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!


    Thank you for replying! Actually it goes much longer than 45 minutes, I know the bar freezes but the actual minutes loading stops at 1 and never moves again in about an hour and a half!.

    Any work around for this?


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    Re: Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!

    If you have space on an internal drive, install it there and then copy it over to the external drive. then follow the instructions given in the manual for changing the location of the drive.


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    Re: Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!

    Thank you Daryl,

    I'll try it!


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    Re: Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!

    If you are using a Mac then do what I always do when I get new software. First thing I do is create disc images, that way if I lose the discs I still have the originals.

    The other good thing about this is that I installed the entire Omni Library in about 30 minutes from dmg files.

    Try that!
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    Re: Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!

    Wasn't there a report of a problem with hard drives formatted in fat32... something about a 4gig folder limit. Omni had some folders larger than 4 gigs that caused a conflict. Maybe this was only a PC thing.

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    Re: Can Not Load Omnisphere on External Drive!

    Yes, do try loading it on an internal drive, then copy the library over to your external drive. The instructions in the manual for this sort of thing have been altered in an FAQ. The line in the manual should read: "On the Mac, move the STEAM folder from the current location (the default is /Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics) to the desired location. Make an alias to the STEAM folder and put that alias in the /Users/<user name>/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics folder. Rename the alias to STEAM."
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