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Topic: GPO and wind controllers

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    GPO and wind controllers

    I happened to go to akaipro.com and discovered that they are selling a new wind controller -- the AKAI EWI USB -- along with a special edition of the ARIA player and a bunch of wind-oriented Garritan samples.

    Now...I already have a Yamaha WX-5, and I do not want to have to buy a second wind controller and learn a different fingering system. So my question is: How can I make my WX-5 work smoothly with GPO, and will there be a new edition that supports the WX-5 better?

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    Talking Re: GPO and wind controllers

    What issues are you are having playing GPO instruments with your wind controller? Are the problems specific to the WX5 or might they relate to wind controllers in general?

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    Re: GPO and wind controllers

    I play an EWI 4000s with JABB on a Macbook. I find the sounds good to excellent, the response a little sluggish when compared to playing using the EWI internal synth, and the Kontakt 2 player a little unstable. It seems to lock up when I try to load several instruments at once and then switch between them. I haven't spent a lot of time learning the software and I'm not very midi literate so this may be caused by something I'm doing.

    The fact that the Aria player is being bundled with the new EWI is encouraging to me. I'd be really interested in seeing how it responds to a wind controller.


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