Dear fans of SNORCHAT,
I am cornfused...Indiana changed time last night. Normally, the rest of teh world follows Indiana's cultural lead, but I am not sure what is happening with today's SNORCHAT.

As I write this, it is nearly 1pm in Indiana, equal to nearly 1800GMT.
Shall I convene SNORCHAT in THREE hours (4pm local, 2100/9pm GMT) or in FOUR hours (5pm local, 2200/10pm GMT)?

PLEASE offer me guidance here! I am BESIEGED by THOUSANDS of dedicated Snorchatters wanting to know whan to log in, and my ISP has warned me that the TENS OF THOUSANDS of emails titled "When does SNORCHAT start?" will bounce back to senders unanswered. I'm just not sure what that will do for world morale.